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Landmark Education Cult Issue: How It Brought Benefits for All of  Us


We’ve heard and seen it all when it comes to the Landmark Forum Cult issue. Of course we are aware that it is over now and it is time to just face what the future has to offer. Actually, the Landmark Education Cult issue has provided the company and all of us benefits. Are you aware of how this happened? Would you like to know what these benefits are? 

It would be a good thing to start at how accessible Landmark Education has become. Here are some highlights of its achievements:

From a few branches during its early years of operation, it has expanded to more countries than what one could imagine. It spans all continents these days and graduates are counting by the thousands each year. 

There are video introductions to the Landmark forum which will make it possible for a prospective enrollee to see what would await him or her. 

Online enrolment is possible now. Interested parties would be able to sign up for scheduled sessions even without the need to go to a Landmark Education office. 

A wide array of graduate and advanced courses is now available. People could sign up for these depending on their needs. 

Books have been published. These were authored by Landmark Education. A lot of books have been published too by its graduates. One very popular book by Landmark Education is entitled “Insights & Distinctions”. It is available in two volumes these days. 

Now that advanced and graduate courses have been mentioned above, it is a very sure thing that people would be asking all about this. Here are some of these courses:

Graduate programs: These would be accessible only for those who have taken up first the Landmark Forum course. At the current times, there are plenty of courses under the graduate program.  These would cover topics and areas where a Landmark alumnus would feel that he or she needs more to learn about. Examples would include the Special Review of the Communication Curriculum, The Self-Expression and Leadership Program, The Family Coaching Session, and many more. 

For teens, young ones, and families: These are courses that have been designed for the special needs of teens, young ones, and families. These could involve personal coaching courses to those that provide a preparation for the Forum. 

The Wisdom Courses: These courses are right for you if you have time for longer courses. Of course it would cost more but graduates are telling that it is totally worth it. There are currently 5 courses under this program. 

One of the most interesting things about the Landmark Education courses is that it could also lead you to earn some CEU credits.  Units earned could range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 10 per taken course or program. Of course, coordination with a professional licensing agency would need to be done first to make sure that these credits are really honored. 

At the current times, Landmark Education is being seen as one of the most successful companies or brands in the world. It is obvious that through its deeds and dedication to serve more people, it has really succeeded. Success was a thing that it has shared to others and will continue to be done in the days to come.